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The Importance of Dog Dental Cleaning – 5 Tips for A Healthy Smile!

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is essential to maintaining a healthy smile. There are many factors that can affect the health of dog’s teeth, one example being plaque build-up. So, how can you make sure your dog’s teeth stay as clean as possible? This post will cover 5 tips on how to clean your dog’s teeth […]

How to Choose The Best Dog Food: The First 5 Essential Ingredients

With the rise in pet ownership, there is an increased demand for high-quality and healthy dog food products. Choosing the best dog food is a big decision. The right type of dog food can be essential for your pet’s health, for every pet parent this is the most important decisions that you will make for […]

5 Best Dog Grooming Tips at Home

– A Guideline for Pet Parents Dog grooming is a necessary part of pet ownership. It does not matter if your dog is short-haired or long-haired, you will need to groom them at some point in their life. Grooming not only helps keep your home clean and free from shedding fur, but it also keeps […]

Why Does My Dog Have Tears?

There are various reasons your dog could have a runny eye, and knowing what they are could often make the difference between a minor issue and a major one. You should not panic when you notice a rheumy nature to your dog’s eye, the best advice is to take your dog to a vet. However, […]

Pets and Allergies – Can You Still Keep a Pet?

You and your family love pets, but one or more of you is inclined to get hay fever after spending time with your fur friends. Puffy eyes and runny nose are no fun. Will you have to live without pets? How serious is the allergy? As long as the allergy is only a dose of […]

Cats vs dogs: which are better pets?

He wants a faithful buddy who will love him forever. She wants a soft, regal housemate with a wonderful purr. The argument began to get heated!Listening to the debate, I had to admit that both people had a point – but for different reasons. It is certainly true in that Australia, dogs are less common […]

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