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5 Best Dog Grooming Tips at Home

– A Guideline for Pet Parents

Dog grooming is a necessary part of pet ownership. It does not matter if your dog is short-haired or long-haired, you will need to groom them at some point in their life. Grooming not only helps keep your home clean and free from shedding fur, but it also keeps your pup healthy by removing excess hair and skin cells that can cause infections. Of course, grooming also makes for a happy pup with a shiny coat!

You could hire a professional to do this, or you could learn how to do it yourself by following the few simple tips described below. These tips come in handy whether you are a novice at grooming your pup, or you have tried it before, and it did not work for you. This post shows you different ways in which you can make your pet look smarter and finer without trying too hard.

1) Pre-grooming task

It’s important for everyone involved that you’re both comfortable in this process of picking out what will be done before actually doing anything else. So, choose from one or two areas where he needs attention and take things slow when introducing new sensations like touch or noise. He’ll get more confident as time goes on but always remember that dogs need consistency too so don’t jump into primping all over him without warning!

2) Trust and Relationship

The first step to grooming your dog at home is getting them used to it. Developing a strong foundation of trust is important before attempting to groom your dog at home. A gradual introduction to grooming should be regimented before you get on with a full hour-long grooming session with your dog. It is hard for any pet to stay still while its owner cleans them. Too often people don’t realize that they’re risking the safety of both themselves and their pets as well when in this position. Begin with a casual brushing session. With the slightest resentment, you should stop immediately! If there are sensitive spots, ask someone who knows about dog behaviour if they can help. Remember to offer treats and positive voice reinforcements so a pattern can be established with reward and behaviour.

3) Be patient!

The most important thing when grooming a pet at home has nothing to do with what tools you use- The key here is how gentle you are being with them! Your pet will know whether they’re enjoying themselves or not based on the way you touch them so make sure that they always feel loved and well taken care of throughout this process.

4) The right tools


Brushes are available in many different sizes and shapes but when it comes down to the basics there’s really only one type of worth investing into; boar bristles! They’re stiffer than other types which can cause them to last longer as well as work better with both short-haired breeds and long ones alike. In other types of brushes, most people recommend pin brushes (or ‘detangler’ brushes) which can help you work out knots in long-haired animals when they’re wet. A flea comb can be used if you suspect any flea infestation on your dog.


An elevated table or a grooming table – This is a ‘must-have’ for anyone who wants to do their dog’s grooming at home. They make it easier on both you and your pet because they raise them to an appropriate height which makes it easy to brush out hair that would otherwise get pulled or break off in clumps if done without one of these tools. Tables like this also have storage compartments for all your supplies so you’ll never misplace anything again!

Clippers or Scissors?

Clippers – These can be used to ‘even out’ a dog’s coat and remove any unwanted hair in areas like the paw pads, nose or tail. You’ll need an appropriate blade for your pet’s type of fur (skip tooth clipper blades, finishing or full cut blades). Scissors – These can also be used but they are not as effective at close cuts because their teeth don’t meet in one line and can leave some hairs longer than others which leads to a patchy appearance after trimming.

Dog Shampoo

Invest in a dog shampoo that is specially formulated to be safe for dogs with skin allergies. Look for a shampoo that has only one ingredient. For example, if your dog is allergic to wheat proteins then buy a shampoo with no wheat protein in it or you’ll just end up adding another allergen to the mix. The best dog shampoo is the one you both loves.

Dog Towel

No grooming is complete without a highly absorbent and thirsty towel. A towel serves a dual purpose for both the dog and the pet parent. No one wants to be on the path of a wet dog. A damp coat can quickly attract dust, dirt and form bad odours. I don’t recommend using a blow dryer on your dog due to the noise, which may put a damper on the end of an otherwise positive bath time experience. But, if the circumstances persist such as Winter or gloomy day, be mindful of the airflow temperature as it may scald his skin.

5) Prepare for the unexpected!

Despite all the planning and preparation, accidents do happen. Pet Parents should always be prepared for the unexpected. The cardinal rule is not to panic but stay calm. The dog will immediately know when you’re stressed. Having a first aid kit on hand is essential. It bridges the gap between first response and professional care. Important first aid items include bandages, gauze swabs, saline, an antiseptic, tweezer, muzzle, gloves, and a spare towel. If you are unable to find these items, don’t stress! Dog grooming first aid kits can be purchased online or from pet stores that sell grooming items. It is best to get one now before you need it.

Grooming your dog at home can be a tricky task, but with some practice and patience, you may find that it becomes second nature. The key to success is setting up a grooming routine that works for both of you. It is important to note though if your dog is aggressive towards people, it may be best for them to visit a professional groomer instead of risking injury by trying out these do-it-yourself techniques. For those who are looking to try grooming themselves first, we recommend watching some how-to videos before attempting any DIY trimming or brushing to avoid causing any accidents or injuries unintentionally. Do any of these tips strike a chord? Leave a comment!

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