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An Introduction to Dog Names: How to Choose and Why It Matters

“What should I name my dog?” This is a question dog owners ask themselves when they get their new puppy or even an adopted dog. The answer to this question can impact the dog’s behaviour and training so it’s important to choose wisely. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the steps of naming your dog – from coming up with a list of names for your puppy to selecting one that fits best. We will also discuss how choosing the right dog name matters for a whole lot of reasons.

There are plenty of sites online with lists of pre-made dog name ideas available for pet parents and parents to be. Search online for best dog names, popular dog names, best dog names in 2021 or best dog names according to your breed…etc. “A dog’s name is more than just a word or phrase that identifies your pet,” according to dog trainer, Karen S. Memory. “It should be chosen carefully because it will become the verbal identity of your dog.” A puppy’s name impacts how they interact with humans and dogs throughout their lifetime so it should not be picked carelessly

Basic Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do Pick Names with one or two syllables
  • Don’t Pick a dog name that is too long or has more than two syllables. Pet names with one or two syllables are easier to pronounce. examples: Max, Bella. Do Not Pick Names with more than two syllables. Pet names with three or more syllables are difficult to pronounce. examples: Gizmo, Lola. Don’t Pick names that start with the letter “Q”
  • Don’t Pick Names that are offensive to others
  • Some dog names are offensive to people, especially those with different religions and traditions. For example: Buddha, Benji (Buddhist monks), or Muhammad (Muslims).
  • Do Pick Names with short sounds
  • Dog names with short sounds are easier to distinguish and identify in a noisy dog park. You don’t want your dog’s name being mistaken for any other dog in the dog run. That could lead to confusion or even confrontation between dogs during playtime.
  • Don’t Pick Names that are complicated
  • Don’t Pick names with words that are complicated like dog breeds. This can be confusing for other dog owners who may not know the breed of your dog and won’t understand what kind of dog you’re trying to say his name is.
  • Do Pick Names with dog training in mind
  • Dog names should be chosen with dog training in mind. Some dog breeds are known to have more behavioural issues than others and a dog’s name can play a role in this. For example Labs, Beagles, Boxers – these dogs may need extra attention because of their breed temperament.
  • Don’t Pick Names that sound like commands
  • Don’t use words such as “come here” or “sit” because your dog will be confused when you say them later in life. Be sure to pick out a name that isn’t similar to these commands.”
  • Don’t Pick Names that are too similar – In a multidog household don’t pick two different dog names that have similar vowel sounds in them (e.g., Rover vs Rex). This will confuse the pup as well as those around him/her when they try shouting out commands during training

The Key to Picking a Dog Name: Five Important Tips

#1 Consider the Breed of Your Dog

The dog name you choose should match the breed of the dog. For example, if your dog is a Chihuahua with an attitude then “Sparky” would be an appropriate dog name but not for a corgi. A poodle with perfect locks would be called “Fifi” and if your dog is a Husky, then you should call him “Luka.”

#2 Choose a name that suits their Personality

You should pick a dog name that is appropriate for the personality of your dog. “Peaches” would be an excellent dog name if you have a very sweet pit bull who loves to give kisses, but not so much if they are aggressive and seem like they could bite at any time. “Buddy” might suit them better in this case! Princes is the perfect name for a dog who is regal and poised, but not so much if they are very timid.

 #3 Choose a name based on the physical traits of your Dog

You should choose a dog name based on the physical traits of your dog. For example, if your dog has long legs then “Rufus” might be an appropriate dog name but not so much if they are short with stubby paws. “Sugar” would be a good dog name if your dog has a lot of white on them, but not so much if they are all black. A black or dark coloured dog name would be “Shadow” but not a stocky slow English bulldog.

 #4 You add a little humour by choosing the opposite of their main physical trait

You can add humour to the name you choose based on the opposite of the main physical trait. For example, a tiny Chihuahua can be called “Ruthless” or a dog with a lot of black on them can be called “Snowball.”

 #5 If you have pair of dogs in the house, consider rhyming names

If you have a dog with an easy dog name to pronounce then make the companion dog’s name rhyme. For example, if your dog is “Fluffy,” their canine housemate can be called “Daffy.” or “Bonnie” and “Clyde”

Challenges of naming an adopted adult dog

A dog’s name can be a challenge when adopting an adult dog. The dog may have been named by its previous owner and it could take time to get used to a new name. But don’t worry, it’s easy for your newly-adopted pup or adult dog to learn his or her brand-new name. The average canine is capable of learning and remembering 1-2 words per day – so if you’re looking for an easier way to call them something other than Fido, try using some commands like “come,” “sit” with the new name or even just saying its full name repeatedly throughout the day until they get used to hearing those sounds more often. Remember dogs like short sounds as their names so you may want to choose a short dog name like Bailey or Toby.

 Naming a dog can be challenging. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to picking the right name for your pet. Now that you’ve read this blog post, you’re ready to pick a dog name. We hope the five tips we shared in the article helped guide your decision-making process and made it easier for you to choose!  How did you end up choosing your pup’s names? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on Facebook

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